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Easy Online Payment Services

The whole team is proud to serve the patients of our community. We enjoy working with patients, getting them healthy, and keeping them that way. We are happy to serve our patients and ensure they get very good care close to home.

We also want to help make sure you can conveniently pay your bill online.

Hospital Payment Portal:

If you received care at Columbus Community Hospital, please click the link below:

Columbus Medical Clinic Payment Portal:

If you received care at Columbus Medical Clinic and want to pay your bill online, click the link below:

Four Oaks Medical Clinic

If you received care at the Four Oaks Clinic, paying your bill is easy.

Click the button below to use our convenient payment portal.

Or please call (979) 732-5794.

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Respiratory Therapy

Our respiratory therapists at Columbus Community Hospital provide you a quality life where you can breathe a little easier.

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It is our goal to provide accessible, quality, cost-effective health care to our community.