The Surgical Services Department at Columbus Community Hospital offers comprehensive surgical care for adults and pediatric patients.  Our dedicated surgical team provides a level of service that allows you to feel supported and cared for during your surgical experience.

  • General Surgery

  • Orthopedic

  • Endoscopic (Colonoscopy, EGD)

  • Obstetrical (Cesarean Section)

  • Gynecological

  • Podiatry

  • ENT

  • Pain Management

Pre-Surgery Process

If your physician determines a surgical procedure is indicated, your physician’s office will contact CCH Scheduling/Pre-op Office to schedule your procedure.  Insurance verification will be performed by your physician’s office prior to your surgery.

Once your surgery is scheduled please present 7 days prior to your scheduled surgery date to pre-register.  Important information to bring during this visit includes your medication list, allergies, and past surgical history.

Your surgeon may have ordered preoperative testing such as lab work, x-rays, and EKG to be performed and that will be completed during your Pre-Surgery appointment.  Pre-op testing must occur prior to your scheduled surgery date.

At your Pre-Surgery visit please bring the completed forms given by your physician.  If you have misplaced your forms you may print the Pre-Surgery forms (text version). Please complete them prior to your appointment.  You will also be given the time to arrive at the hospital for your procedure.  If you have any questions regarding your procedure prior to the scheduled surgery date, please call our Pre-Surgery Nurse at 979-493-7582.