Thanks to our generous community!

Since 1950, generous members of our community have donated to Columbus Community Hospital so that our region has a thriving health care system. Their financial gifts and the work they support are a significant factor in our selection as a Top 100 Rural Hospital for five years running and our ability to attract world-class providers, expand and modernize our facilities, and grow with our community.



Mr. & Mrs. V. L. Marek, Jr.
MPC International, INC
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gaylor
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Halcom
Ernest H. Baumgart & Son
Annie E. Tucker
Golla Ranch
Sylvia Marburger

Mr. & Mrs. V. L. Marek, Jr.
MPC International, INC
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gaylor
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Halcom
Ernest H. Baumgart & Son
Annie E. Tucker
Golla Ranch
Sylvia Marburger




C.G. Johnson
Royce B. Miller
Columbus Hospital Auxiliary
Robert McCandless, M.D.
Margaret Peters
Lynch Family Charitable Trust
Todd & Morgan Barten
Central Texas Bankshare Holdings, Inc.
San Bernard Electric Cooperative
Columbus Physical Therapy
In Memory of F.T. Barfield, Jr., M.D.
MRH & Associates (Mark & Loretta Hellrung)
Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange
Healthcare Services Group, Inc.
Laura Hastedt
The Meadows Foundation
M.G. & Lilie A. Johnson
Foundation, INC
R.C. Baker Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David Anthony
Vincent Krupka & Lillie Krupka
The Nesbitt Memorial Trust
Black Creek Drilling Inc.
Elsie Miller
Dr. Bob & Kay Potter & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Addick
The Falls Texas

Tom & Patty Simmons
Emmett & Illian Kveton
Mr. & Mrs. Julio Arebalo
CDA #1588 Mary Queen of The Snows
Rob & Rachel Thomas
Black Creek Drilling Inc.
Tru Care Living Center
River Oaks Health Care Center
Greed W. Abell, M.D.
Virgil E. & Peggy W. Cochran
Bryan Radiology Associates
Drymalla Construction Company

Industry State Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Don H. Morrison
Jerry Mikeska
LCRA Employees’ United Charities
Margaret Golla
Robert & Martha Hastedt
Richard & Dorothy Bartosh
Knights of Columbus Council #2971
In Memory of Charles Richter
Michael Wilson, M.D.
In Memory of Our Son Karl
Leyendecker – Crockett & Dorothy
William & Mary Brown
To Honor the Potter & Schobel Families
James & Dena Seymour
Dieter & Missy Schuhknecht
Lone Star Excavating & Construction
Mary Adelyn Richter 1930-2013
Edward Jones Investments
PHI, Inc.
Bryan Radiology
The First State Bank
Central Texas Sinus & Allergy, PLLC.
Columbus Oaks Healthcare Community
St. David’s Healthcare
J.P. Farley
Colorado County Development
Ron Rhodes Management, LP
Grasshopper Anesthesia Svc., PLLC
Evensky & Katz, LLC
Holland & Knight LLP
Amirali S. Popatia
Hunter Pharmacy



Family of A.H. Huelsebusch
Jewel/Buescher McNabb
Barbara & Wilen Shisler
James Mikulenka Family
Dr. & Mrs. R.J Lowe
Dr. & Mrs. Arun Nayar
Travis & Sharon Wegenhoft
Gloria Clifford
St. Paul Lutheran Church
Doris & Tillman Meisell
Dena & James Seymour
Columbus Rotary Club
Robert & Martha Hastedt
John E. & Josephine B Meismer
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Wilson
Pierce & Joyce Arthur
Dr. Todd Hovis
In Memory of Eddie D. Orange
Karl Hill Savanah, Chloe & Mia
Allan & Jane Hill
Mark & Patti Hill
Stuart Hill
James & Janie Hrachovy
Laura Ann Rau
Joyce Gordy
J.L. Drymalla 1975 Original Contractor
Team DQ Cycling, Inc.
Quenneville Family
Colorado Valley Anesthesia LLP
Respiratory Care Services
Arapaho Healthcare Resources, LLC
Hibernia Bank
Thrivent Financial Lutheran
Tom B. Hancher, M.D
Coastal Banc
Charles & Janet Richardson
Court St. Roch of Mentz #2328
Gary & Barbara Braun
Wal-Mart #503
Memory – Peggy Chollett
Columbus Lions Club – 2003
Gus Margaret Miller
Premier Sleep LLC
Columbus Eye Associates
Mark A. Chapman Foundation
In Memory of Josephine & Oscar Henicke
Marcus Parker, M.D.
Ryan W. Frieben, M.D.
Durbin & Company, L.L.P.
Drymalla Construction
Saint Anthony School
Steve & Joann Felter
Columbus Christian Women 2007
Virginia Kirschner Raley
Evensky & Katz, LLC
FFP/LCRA United Charites
Healthcare Services
Beth C. Swalm
Eslam Elhammady, M.D., OB/GYN
General Surgery of Texas
Amirali S. Popatia, M.D.
Texas Hospital Insurance Exchange
Concord Medical Group
J.P. Farley
Wade Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. T.W. Glithero
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Wegenhoft
Mr. & Mrs. David Anthony
Mrs. Emil J. Schobel
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Hastedt
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Waldvogel
Mr. & Mrs. Morris Hodges
Mrs. H.C. Moeller, Sr.
Columbus Noon Lions Club
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Wegenhoft
B E F Beta Sigma PHI
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Lowe
Knights of Columbus-#2971
Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Busselman
Mr. & Mrs. Alvin L. Pavlicek, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. George Mieth
Superior Oil Company
Myra Stafford Pryor Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Gus C. Ruhmann
Mr. & Mrs. Neal Stallman
Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Ruffeno
Mr. & Mrs. W. R. Frnka
Magnolia Fashions
Otto P. Moore. Jr. family
Mr. & Mrs. L. V. Cranek, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jerome Moore
Mr. & Mrs. R. F. Potter
Frances E. Derr Family
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. Griffith
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest H. Lawrence
Mr. & Mrs. John H. Peters, Jr.
Colo. CO. Fed. Sav. & Loan Assn.
Mrs. Myrah Jane Draper
Mr. & Mrs. Carlys G. Thacker
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Harrison
Columbus State Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Don H. Morrison
Catholic Daughters of America
Mr. & Mrs. Gus Schobel
Schindler Brothers, INC
International Contact Lens Co
Mrs. J. J. Everett
Mr. & Mrs. A. L. Miller, Jr.
Columbus Evening Lions Club
Mrs. A. O. Pridgen
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Hill
Houston Endowment INC
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H Henneke
Mr. & Mrs. H. P. Meyer
Prairie Producing Company
Mr. & Mrs. A. L McCormick
Mrs. S. G. (Hattie) SmalleyMr. & Mrs. Thurmond B. West
Mr. & Mrs. C. L. “Buddy” Prause
Ernest “Bob” Weishuhn
Mr. & Mrs. Earl M. Connor
Innovative Pharmacy Services. Inc.
Respiratory Care Services of Columbus
Mr. & Mrs. J. Ralph Meadows
Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Seymour, Sr.
Mr.& Mrs. Wilton E. Stallman
Mr. & Mrs. W.E. Darilek
Mr. & Mrs. Tanner Walker
The first State Bank
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Schulenburg
Mr. & Mrs. James H. Whitcomb

Mr. & Mrs. C. W. Kearney
Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Drymalla
Mr.& Mrs. George V. Larow
Central Power & Light Company
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Simmons
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence H. Potter
Mrs. R.E. Tait
Dr. & Mrs. R. Cecil Marburger
Mr. & Mrs. P. K. Shatto
Mrs. J. F. Hutchins
The West Foundation
Mrs. Leo Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Walter G. Sterling
Clear Span Bridges, INC


In Memory of Sandy Barta
Claudine Fields and Family
R.C. Baker Foundation
In memory of Henry & Thelma Hajovsky
Frank Bartosh
Don Nielson (1929-2000)
Claude C. Rhodes Esther S. Rhodes and Family
Peter J. Trial
Columbus Elementary 98-99 Faculty and Staff
Dena & Jimmy Seymour
In memory of Della Adams
In memory of Woodrow Connor
Columbus State Bank Since 1919
Barbara & Wilen Shisler
In memory Dessie Hoppe by VFW AUX. 6113
In memory of Hattie Beinhauer by Friends
Joyce Arthur
Jane & Allan Hill
Josie Wegenhoft by Robert and Martha Hastedt
Interflex Management System, INC.
In memory of Beatrice & Bobby Stock
In memory of Donald Hayek
Joe D. Hastedt by Robert and Martha Hastedt
In memory of our father & husband Walter B. McNutt
Milroy Venghaus by the Hastedt Family
Business Office FH RW JRK MF
Alma Dillard from her Hastedt Family
Aid Association from Lutherans Branch 7737
In memory of Margaret & Allen Reyer
Mr. & Mrs. J.E. Meismer
Ellis E. Glueck, JR. & Family
In memory of Anna, Alma & Robert J. Huebel
In memory of Nora Moore
In memory of Marley Giddens by Angie
Gary & Barbara Braun Russel & Carrie
Dr. Tom Hancher and office staff
The Green Family
Jewel McNabb
The Aaron Schobel Family
Ed & Della Matlock
Dennis, Yvonne, Amy, Theresa, &
Dana Wagner
The Matt Schobel Family
Carolyn Psencik, Survivor
Columbus Community Hospital Auxiliary
In memory of Ella Dolejsi by Geri Paula & Kristie
Earl & Peggy Pitchford
In memory of Frances Wicke Knippel
In honor of Esther and Claude Rhodes
In memory of Jack Floyd Leyendecker
In memory of the Jim and Agnes Fruge
VL & BF Hohensee
Surgical Associates H. Patino, MD, FACS
J. Arebalo, MD, FACS
In memory of Julia Meinert Collins
L.D. Schilling Family
John C. Kallus and Family
Oak Bluff Village Residents. ASSN.
Fred L. & Annette Wallace
Rose Kulhanek by The Business & Adm. Offices

Columbus Eye Associates
Devoted Employee, Alice Brownschidel
Meisell Dorris & Tillman
James and Dorothy Parr
The Wille Fitgerald Family
In memory of Esther Haworth
Russell, Regina, Tyler & Sarah Wicke
In memory of Johnny Marusik
Tom and Patty Simmons
In memory of Allan Hill by CCH Lab Dept, 2010
Members Of Keep Columbus Beautiful-1999
In memory of Allan Hill by The Ratliffs
Happy 80th Albina Urban
In celebration of Jacqueline A. Midkiff “Our Mother”
EF & Delois Hodge Family
James E. and Martha J. Jordan
O.D. Duckie Andrus in memory of Vernice I. Davis
Ned Stallman Family
Cindy Peters. Breast Cancer Survivor – 1983
Al. Lisa, Katie and Sara McNutt
In memory of Alice Brownschidel
In memory of Cindy Ostert
Ladies Auxiliary to V.F.W. Post 6113, Columbus
Linda Hagen, Breast Cancer Survivor
Dr. Andrea K. Rockett
Class Of 1975 – In memory of Sandy Barta
Toni Lynn Rooks, Breast Cancer Survivor
In memory of Ella Dolejsi Beta Sigma Phi
Edgar & Delores Stancik
Beta Sigma Phi Alpha Iota Upsilon #8852
Rubin & Avie Kveton 2009
Urissa Glenda Joe, Jr.
CDA Court Mary Queen of The Snows #1588
John King
In memory of Bob Collins
Frank & Ottilia Lesikar
Stephen, Sandy, Corey, Haley, Ian, & Adam Rhodes
Columbus Noon Lions Club
Cheer Group 1999
In memory of Billy Paulsen by Family
In memory of Julia Meinert Collins
In memory of Ella Strobel
In memory of Bob Collins
Mary Adelyn Richter 1930-2013
Dieter & Missy Schuhknecht
Lone Star Excavating & Construction
In memory of Barbara Frank V. & L. Dittmar
Charleen Andrus In memory of Vernice I. Davis
Theresa Babineau and Audrey Anderson
In memory of Jarius Zickuhr
In memory of Jane Klump
Drymalla Construction Company
Mark and Patti Stacey, Julia and Chris Hill
In memory of Hattie Berger C & B Berger
The Bob Schobel Family
In memory of Edward Hill
Mary & Wilburn Ordner
Rob, Rachel, Katie & Jonathan Thomas
Jo Churchill, Breast Cancer Survivor
Carolyn Hamm
Otto, Joyce, Jon and Deborah Loessin
CCDA Court St. Roch Of Mentz #2328
In memory of Dorothy Massey by Live Oak Art Ctr.
In memory of Stanley Rheman
Med Rec Dept ’99 KM TL LW BT
Curtiss & Marian Schonenberg
In memory of Dessie Hoppe


Behlen Family – Wayne & Beverly and Family
Uzzi Family
Percy & Alene Coleman and Family
Stan & Kathy Theut
Columbus Physical Therapy & Rehab
Columbus Music Club 1941-1992
Edward & Jean Crelia
In Honor of Nell Sronce Auxiliary
Dan Davila
The Rheman’s Stan & Betty
Interflex Management Systems, Inc.
Heather, Shannon, & Blake Hancher
John & Susan Glithero and Family
Christi, John, and Lauren Trapp
Beverly Jean and Allan B. Dolch
Memorial Hermann Healthcar
In Honor of Edith H Potter by her family
Loving memory Larry Dale Werland
E.W. and Ruby Litzmann
Victoria Jane Burke
In memory of Ralph Meadows
Bennett Buescher by family
Dena R. Seymour, RN
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Cochran & Family
Rusty & Tracy Theut & Family
In memory of Willie Kuchar
Gary L Appelt, MD
In Memory of Sarah Anne Caplan
Magnolia Waddle
Aurelio Alonso
Stanley & Leo Drlik, Jr.
Happy Homemakers FCE Club
David, Lurlyn & Robert Neisner
Rose Kulhanek
Ty and Julie Prause
J.E. and Josephine B Meismer
In memory of John C. Roeber
For our Daddy, Doug Thompson, your girls
In memory of Rosalie Caplan
To Hubert and Betsy Coleman, your children
Surgical Assoc. Dr. H. Patino/Dr. J. Arebalo
The Lowe Family
In Memory of Carl A. Gordy 1922-1997
Taty & Danny Novak – Novak’s Automotive
Denis, Linda, Blair & Alison Hartley
Jim & Rose (Baca) Rohde
Loessin Otto Joyce Naumann
Jack & Myrah Draper
Sammy Condra /Jean, Valorie, Jena, Kristen
In memory of RF “Bob” Potter by his family
Aschenbeck Ronnie & Dawn Mazac & Family
Mattie Lee Axel Pope 1917-1968
Rob, Rachel, Katie & Jon Thomas
Muriel & Doris Heslop
Columbus Bible Church
Don Morrison Ford, Inc. 1971-1994
Billy & Betty David
Oswald B Hill, Irma A Hill, Columbus, TX
In loving memory, Nita Behne
In memory of Verna Jean Koehl
In Memory of Lucille Miller
To our kids – Love & Thanks, the JF Rhodes
Stanley & Shelly Faldyn
In loving memory of Hertha David
Bill & Barbara Hartley Family
Stanley & Trish Priest/Vernon & Tori
In Honor of Kristie & Geoff Zenick
Jerry & Vlasta Bubela Faldyn
In loving memory of Bettie Martin
The John C. Kallus Family
Gus & Eleanor Schobel by Elsie Zahn
Donald & Carol Braden
John Modina & John David Mangini
Wilburn & Mary Ordner

Doris Morse
In Memory of Manuel & Jerry Spann
J.W. & Margaret Ann Golla
In memory of Curley & Marie Trapp
WR “Jack” & Pauline Jones
Albert & Emilie Eggemeyer by your daughter
In memory of Max Rogers
The Carters Chester & Jimmie
The Carters Tandy, Gina Chris & Chet
Ottilia & Frank Lesikar
Mark, Patti, Stacey, Julia & Chris Hill PMS
Keith & Loraine Gast
In memory of Bernice Clayton
Russell Wicke, Regina, Tyler & Sarah
In memory of Lloyd “Fats” Mitchell, Sr.
In loving memory of Ollie Nelson
William “Bill” Grissom
Al, Lisa, Katie & MC Nutt
Libby & Bob Fleming
Linda Runnels, RN
Vincent & Lillie Krupka
In memory of Sandra Caldwell
Marion Schoenberg
In honor of Laurie Sanders
In loving memory of David Gerloff
Ron, Kay, Megan & Zachary Divin
Loving memory, TW Virginia Kotzebue
Charles & Anita Neundorff
LCRA United Employees United Charites FPP
Rosalee Pearson 1945- “sisters 3”
Kim Burke 1958-1998 Warm Memories
Vicki Rockwood 1947-2006
Warm Memories
Gordon Maertz Family
John & Susan Glithero Family
In memory of James Mikulenka
James, Barbara, Jacob, Ross & Aaron Weishuhn
Claude C. Rhodes Esther S.
Rhodes and Family
Ed & Della Matlock
Surgical Associates Hernan
Patino, MD, FACS Julio Arebalo, MD, FACS
Dorris & Tillman Meisell
Columbus Eye Associates
The Walter McNutt Family
Evelyn & Alton Huelsebusch Family
Class Of 1975 – In memory of Sandy Barta
Aid Association for Lutherans Branch 7737
SAS Saints 2002 In memory of our beloved
“Mrs. B”
The First State Bank Columbus
Columbus Rotary Club
WOW Lodge 0007
In memory of J. W. Golla
Drymalla Construction Company
Earl & Peggy Pitchford
James E. and Martha J. Jordan
R.C. Baker Foundation
Don Nielson 1929 – 2000 From Family and Friends
In honor of George Sebesta
LCRA United Employees United
Charities Fayette Power Project