Knowing what to expect from your annual check-up or primary care appointment can help you better prepare and maximize your visit. While no two patients are alike, there are a few basic steps to expect with every primary care visit.

What to Expect During Your Primary Care Visit

Basics and Vitals: No matter how long it has been since your last visit, you can expect your primary care physician (PCP) to take basic height and weight measurements. Recording these measurements helps your PCP monitor sudden or significant changes in weight, which can indicate a number of health conditions.

Your PCP will also check your heart rate and blood pressure and conduct a basic visual exam to ensure that nothing is out of the ordinary.

Medical History: A review of your personal and family medical history is a key component of primary care visits. You can expect to fill out a short patient history form so your PCP can accurately assess your health and provide the best care possible.

The more historical medical information your PCP has, the better they can assess what genetic factors could potentially increase your risk of certain health conditions or issues. It’s a good idea to review your family medical history before your visit to equip your PCP with as much information as possible.

Vaccinations and Preventive Care: No matter how old you are, you may be due for a vaccine soon. Your PCP will provide you with a list of recommended vaccines, which can include vaccinations for the flu, COVID-19, tetanus, HPV, hepatitis A and B, and more. Vaccinations are the best way to prevent disease and illness from occurring or becoming severe, and your PCP may also recommend additional screenings and tests based on a variety of factors unique to you, including your personal and family medical history, present risk factors, or current medications you may be taking.

Medication Management: Check-ups are a great opportunity for your PCP to check in on your current medication regiment. Your PCP can discuss any questions you may have about medications you are taking, assess whether your current medications are working as intended at your current dose, and ensure there are no harmful interactions between your current medications and/or supplements.

Questions and advice: The care team at Columbus is highly qualified and ready to help with any questions about your health and wellness. From specific questions related to certain medications or conditions to general health advice, our team can provide answers and equip you with the information and resources to make the best possible decisions for your health and wellness.

You can find recommended questions to ask your PCP and use this helpful question building tool to prepare for your visit.

Keeping your health on track starts with regular primary care visits with our friendly and experienced care team. Call 979-732-2318 to schedule an appointment with the Columbus Medical Clinic, or walk in Monday – Friday any time from 7 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.