Kelli Krpec practically grew up in Columbus Community Hospital. Her mother worked as a medical records specialist in the hospital for 20 years, and her stepfather was a pediatrician. This near-daily exposure to health care, combined with high school health courses, fostered an interest in a nursing career that led Kelli to earn her nursing degree from nearby Blinn College.

Kelli began working at Columbus Community Hospital as soon as she earned her nursing degree and has been with the hospital for 15 years, working in the community she was raised in.

“It gives the care we provide a more personal touch when you work in a close-knit and friendly community like Columbus,” said Kelli. “I can develop genuine relationships with everyone that walks through the door and be there for patients who may already know me.”


Kelli Krpec, RN

CCH | Medical Surgical Manager

Kelli is Columbus Community Hospital’s assistant director of nursing and the medical surgical manager and is wound care certified. This means she regularly takes care of patients during significant, and often challenging, moments in their lives. Even during difficult situations, Kelli never loses sight of the impact excellent and personal care can have on patients.

“Knowing that every time I come to work, I could make a difference in someone’s life is incredibly rewarding,” said Kelli. “No matter what someone comes to the hospital for, I have an opportunity to make a positive impact on that patient and their family.”

Kelli embodies Columbus Community Hospital’s mission to advance care in the Columbus region through her tireless commitment to providing every patient with excellent care and the personal, genuine attention that every patient deserves.

National Nurses Week recognizes and celebrates nurses like Kelli who are the backbone of Columbus Community Hospital. From performing routine blood draws to managing intense emergencies, nurses perform their duties with excellence and poise, each and every day.

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