Vanessa Ulrich began her nursing career with Columbus Community Hospital in 2013 and has advanced her career within the hospital to become the outpatient manager and take on a mentor role for other nurses.

After earning her associate’s degree from Blinn College and becoming a registered nurse, Vanessa had multiple job offers in the area but chose Columbus Community Hospital for the opportunity to grow professionally and provide high-quality care in her own community.

“I’m grateful to the hospital for their emphasis on professional growth for our staff,” said Vanessa. “The opportunity to learn and advance our skills enables us to provide the best care for our community by caring for every aspect of our patients’ needs.”

Vanessa Ulrich, RN, BSN 

CCH | Outpatient Manager

Investing in its staff to expand their skills and capabilities is a major part of the hospital’s strategy to meet the region’s growing health care needs. Nurses like Vanessa benefit from exposure to different facets of nursing and the chance to expand their skills by working in different areas of the hospital. These benefits are passed on to patients who receive treatment from knowledgeable and experienced nurses.

That knowledge and expertise enriches the local care environment and enables the hospital to keep people close to home for care. Vanessa appreciates not traveling far to a big city for work and enjoys offering patients the same convenience by providing great care right here in Columbus.

“Working at Columbus Community Hospital is like getting to work with your family every day,” said Vanessa. “It’s incredibly rewarding to provide care for people inside the hospital and then get to see the positive outcomes of our work outside the hospital in the community.”

National Nurses Week recognizes and celebrates nurses like Vanessa who are the backbone of Columbus Community Hospital. From performing routine blood draws to managing intense emergencies, nurses perform their duties with excellence and poise, each and every day.

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