By Denise Moncrief
Wellness Center Manager

Columbus Community Hospital’s vision for better health in our community is coming together nicely as construction crews put some of the last touches on the Columbus Wellness Center.

It has been years in planning and development, and the work is almost finished, and we can’t wait to welcome in the community.

Crews are frosting the glass on the fitness room where classes like yoga and step aerobics will take place. They’re installing new lockers in the locker room. Painters are putting final touches on the walls. And new equipment is getting unpacked and installed.

It’s the culmination of years of hard work.

CCH’s vision for better health in our community comes to life in this new facility. For patients recovering from surgery or needing rehabilitation services and for the community at large investing in their own health, the wellness center has something for everyone.

Not all communities our size are so lucky. A lot of rural hospitals are experiencing financial challenges and loss of services. Columbus Community Hospital is investing in health and wellness programs to help secure our community’s better health.

We all know the role of a hospital is to make us feel better when health care issues arise – whether it’s a complex surgery, basic cold or flu, or a major pandemic. By broadening our focus to include health and wellness, CCH’s role is expanding to include services that help keep us out of the hospital.

Columbus Community Hospital and the Columbus Wellness Center are fulfilling the needs of our growing community, and we are excited to open the doors officially to welcome everyone. Whether you’re looking for a new place to work out, begin a new phase of fitness, or get back on your feet following illness or injury, the Columbus Wellness Center belong to our entire community.