55-Year-old Mother Delivers Baby at Columbus Community Hospital

As a mother of four, Shirley Behrens knew that another journey through parenthood with a fifth child would be challenging and rewarding, and her experience as a local business owner taught her that having the right team around her is essential for success.

She knew she needed a capable and skilled health care team with the expertise to shepherd her through a high-risk delivery, and she knew she could count on Columbus Community Hospital. The hospital was there for her from prenatal care to delivery, and she never needed to travel far from her home in La Grange.

“I had total confidence that the team at Columbus Community Hospital could handle what I knew was an unusual and potentially high-risk pregnancy and delivery,” Behrens said. “Everyone from the front desk to the physicians was attentive and wonderful.”

Dr. Saima Ghazal oversaw Behrens’ prenatal care, providing all ongoing care and monitoring prior to delivery, as well as the C-section at Columbus Community Hospital.

“Caring for patients like Shirley is a joy as a physician. Rural hospitals, our nurses, and physicians work together to provide the most advanced care for all patients, but it is even more fulfilling when we can highlight the skill and capabilities of our team to manage such complex, high-risk cases,” Dr. Ghazal said.

Columbus Community Hospital is well-equipped to provide the most advanced maternal care for pregnant women in Columbus and the surrounding communities. From prenatal care to delivery to postpartum and newborn care, the hospital ensures expecting families have everything they need for a successful delivery with high quality care and private, home-like delivery rooms designed for comfort.

“We are committed to providing the highest level of care for everyone in our community,” said James Vanek, president/ CEO of Columbus Community Hospital. “Whether it’s a high-risk pregnancy or something more routine, we’re dedicated to advancing health and wellness in our growing community.”

Behrens is the oldest woman to give birth at Columbus Community Hospital at age 55. According to media reports at the time, the oldest woman to give birth in Texas was 59 when she gave birth in 2008.