Community leaders like James Doak Hartley understand how important a strong local hospital is for the health of a growing and thriving town like Columbus.

James Doak Hartley was born and raised in Columbus and has seen firsthand just how much the town has grown. As president of local Industry State Bank, James understands the significance of Columbus Community Hospital’s investments in the health and wellness of the community, including the new wellness center and expanded and renovated hospital and clinics.

“A great local hospital is one of the pillars of a vibrant community. It’s extremely important for the long-term future of Columbus that the hospital continues to provide great services and have first-class facilities.”

A growing town needs its local hospital to grow with it, and investments like the wellness center represent a commitment from Columbus Community Hospital to continue meeting the needs of its growing community.

James Doak Hartley

Columbus Industry State Bank President

As people continue to move to Columbus and the community grows, it is vital to have first-class medical facilities like the wellness center where people can go to improve their health. From fitness equipment to nutritional coaching to diabetic education programs, the wellness center offers a variety of services in a welcoming, state-of-the-art facility that reflects the vision of the hospital to advance care for everyone in the community.

Columbus Community Hospital CEO James Vanek sums up the hospital’s vision for expansion this way:

“Health and wellness fit hand in hand with primary health care, and it is essential that we continue to expand so that we can provide the best possible care for our growing home.”

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