Don’t let the Texas summer heat put your health and wellness journey on hold.

Columbus witnessed over 40 days of 100-degree weather in 2022, and with Texas expected to see higher than normal temperatures this summer, it could be especially challenging to stay out of the heat while going for a walk or run.

“The Wellness Center’s indoor track allows members to enjoy their walks or runs no matter how hot it gets,” said Columbus Wellness Center’s manager, Denise Moncrief. “Members can stick to their health and wellness goals without being interrupted by hot and dangerous weather.”

The Columbus Wellness Center features an indoor track, allowing you to avoid the risk of heat stroke and dehydration due to extreme temperatures – risks that are elevated by dangerous combinations of high temperatures and humidity levels.

The Columbus Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art facility that offers physical therapy resources, exercise equipment, cardiac rehabilitation services, an indoor track, an indoor pool, and community education classrooms, including a demonstration kitchen.

Learn more about the indoor track and other Wellness Center features here.