Columbus Community Hospital continues a strong tradition of advancing care in the Columbus region, adding 3D mammography to its line of imaging services.

3D mammography represents the latest and most advanced form of breast cancer detection and has been shown to detect cancer at a higher rate than 2D imaging. 3D imaging also delivers fewer false positives and less radiation compared with traditional imaging methods, and saves patients time with faster scans.

“This is a great investment for our community and for the health and well-being of women across our region,” said James Vanek, Columbus Community Hospital CEO. “Every woman should have access to the highest quality breast cancer detection close to home, and we’re proud to make that a reality for the communities we serve.”

Columbus Community Hospital was designated as a Mammography Accredited Facility by the American College of Radiology. This prestigious accreditation speaks to our excellent mammography services managed by our experienced and highly qualified staff, as well as our dedication to early detection.

Learn more about our 3D mammography services and all the imaging services we provide here.

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