At Columbus Community Hospital, we believe that total wellness is more than simply receiving care when you are sick. Building a healthier future with a well-rounded approach to wellness is key to developing better habits that will lead to a healthier life. The Be Well program integrates nutrition, fitness, and wellness to help you achieve your total health goals.

The Be Well Program is a three-month journey built around several key areas that work together to promote total wellness:

  • Nutrition and meal plan development
  • Weight loss planning
  • Fitness coaching
  • Weekly group meetings to build a support system

Each member of the program will learn from our registered dietitian about ways to improve their diet and develop healthy eating habits. This will include elements like meal plan development, and is a significant factor in weight loss planning. Fitness coaching will provide Be Well participants with the tools they need to improve their strength and build a healthy foundation for the future. The weekly meetings and group setting offer participants a support system as we move toward a healthier future, together. Starting October 5, existing Wellness Center members can join the Be Well Program.

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