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The Difference Between 2D and 3D Imaging for Mammograms

2D and 3D mammograms represent the two main forms of breast cancer screening and diagnostic tools used by caregivers to identify breast cancer. 2D remains the standard screening technology, while 3D offers further diagnostic benefits for some women. 2D mammograms are the standard in terms of breast cancer screenings, helping caregivers identify abnormalities in the

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Early Breast Cancer Detection Through State-of-the-art Mammography Imaging

With more than 200,000 cases of breast cancer diagnosed every year in the U.S., mammography screenings are essential for the early detection of a disease that affects one in eight women. Columbus Community Hospital utilizes the latest in 2D Mammography technology, with digital and computer aided detection (CAD) equipment that helps our team detect potential

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Celebrating More Than 40 Years of Volunteer Service

Our dedicated auxiliary volunteers contribute their time, energy, and compassion to Columbus Community Hospital and our mission of advancing care in the Columbus region. Our selfless auxiliary team has collectively donated more than 240,000 hours to the hospital so far. Top row, left to right: Debra Cummings, Marilyn Baumbach, Melba

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Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans Before You Commit

Choosing the right Medicare coverage can be challenging, as Medicare Advantage plans differ from traditional Medicare plans and no two Medicare Advantage plans are alike. Attempting to switch to a different plan or traditional Medicare after enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan can also complicate enrollees’ coverage options. The team at Columbus Community Hospital encourages

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Columbus Community Hospital

Columbus Community Hospital is proud to serve the Columbus community and the broader region. As rural hospitals struggle, Columbus Community Hospital continues to grow and provide high-quality services patients can trust.

The National Rural Health Association has named CCH a Top 100 Rural and Community Hospital in the country. In 2021, NRHA named CCH a Top 20 Rural and Community Hospital.

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