Columbus Community Hospital Adds to Internal Medicine Team

Columbus Community Hospital has added to its growing roster of internal medicine doctors, welcoming Ashraf Ali Allahwala, M.D. to the Columbus Medical Clinic. Dr. Allahwala is accepting new patients, and appointments are available now. “Adding talented and dedicated physicians to our team is an essential part of our strategy to meet the care needs of

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Celebrating National Rural Health Day

November 16 is National Rural Health Day, an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the dedicated health providers working to meet the unique health care needs of the more than 60 million Americans living in rural communities. National Rural Health Day was founded in 2011 by the National Organization of State Offices of Rural Health to

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Celebrating More Than 40 Years of Volunteer Service

Our dedicated auxiliary volunteers contribute their time, energy, and compassion to Columbus Community Hospital and our mission of advancing care in the Columbus region. Our selfless auxiliary team has collectively donated more than 240,000 hours to the hospital so far. Top row, left to right: Debra Cummings, Marilyn Baumbach, Melba

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National Hospital Week 2023

May 7-13 is National Hospital Week, an opportunity to recognize the health care workers, hospitals, and health systems that improve and save lives in our communities. This year is especially important among our rural hospital communities as we recognize and celebrate the selfless health care workers who continue striving to provide great care to patients

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National Nurses Week 2023

May 6 – 12 is National Nurses Week, a time to celebrate the nurses who advance the health and safety of our community. Every year, National Nurses Week takes place during the week of Florence Nightingale’s birthday to celebrate the health care professionals who embody Nightingale’s tireless efforts to better patients’ lives. Nightingale’s efforts laid

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National Nurses Week Spotlight: Vanessa Ulrich, RN, BSN | Outpatient Manager

Vanessa Ulrich began her nursing career with Columbus Community Hospital in 2013 and has advanced her career within the hospital to become the outpatient manager and take on a mentor role for other nurses. After earning her associate’s degree from Blinn College and becoming a registered nurse, Vanessa had multiple job offers in the

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National Nurses Week Spotlight: Kelli Krpec, RN | Medical Surgical Manager

Kelli Krpec practically grew up in Columbus Community Hospital. Her mother worked as a medical records specialist in the hospital for 20 years, and her stepfather was a pediatrician. This near-daily exposure to health care, combined with high school health courses, fostered an interest in a nursing career that led Kelli to earn her

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National Nurses Week Spotlight: Zane Brown | ER Nurse

After initially studying to become an engineer, Zane Brown was inspired by his father’s stories and experiences as a nurse and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. Zane began his nursing career in Victoria in 2009 before choosing to work closer to home and joining Columbus Community Hospital’s ER staff in 2012. “I’ve

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Columbus Community Hospital Celebrates our Dedicated Auxiliary Volunteers During National Volunteer Week

This week we celebrate and recognize the selfless dedication our volunteers have shown our hospital and the entire Columbus region. Our auxiliary volunteers have donated over 3,500 volunteer hours since May 2022, and have collectively volunteered nearly 240,000 hours at Columbus Community Hospital since 1980. Top row, left to right:  Debra Cummings, Yolanda

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Columbus Community Hospital Earns National Recognition of Work to Advance Care in the Columbus Region

For the fifth year in a row, Columbus Community Hospital has been named a Top 100 Rural and Community Hospital in the country by Michael Topchik, National Leader, the Chartis Center for Rural Health. This recognition affirms the hospital’s work to build a better health and wellness future for Columbus and surrounding communities.

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Columbus Community Hospital

Columbus Community Hospital is proud to serve the Columbus community and the broader region. As rural hospitals struggle, Columbus Community Hospital continues to grow and provide high-quality services patients can trust.

The National Rural Health Association has named CCH a Top 100 Rural and Community Hospital in the country. In 2021, NRHA named CCH a Top 20 Rural and Community Hospital.

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